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This is the new online home for the music writing of Larry "Fuzz-O" Dolman, aka BLASTITUDE, your #1 esteemed blasting underground tip sheet for #heavymusicinallstylesandvolumes since 2000. That’s right, BLASTITUDE is moving, from its most recent steady home at blastitude.blogspot.com, to over here at blastitude.substack.com. Click on the “subscribe” button at the bottom of this page, and every new hopefully-weekly or maybe-bimonthly edition of the newsletter will go directly to your inbox, and can also be accessed at blastitude.substack.com. Blastitude has always been free, and my original plan with the Substack was to keep it free for a year, and then put up a paywall of $5 a month or $40 a year. But you know what? I don’t think I can do that. I think the pay option is there for those who appreciate Blastitude and want to donate a little bit of cash to it each year. You couldn’t do that with blastitude.com, and you can’t do it with blastitude.blogspot.com, but now you can do it, with blastitude.substack.com.

P.S. For almost 20 years worth of archived free (for now!) BLASTITUDE music writing go to blastitude.blogspot.com and the grandaddy of ‘em all blastitude.com. Please note: the back issue links as presented 15-20 years ago on the original blastitude.com website barely work at all. But all the issues are still online, and can be accessed using the simple URL formula of blastitude.com/1, blastitude.com/2, blastitude.com/3, and so on, all the way THROUGH issue #15. When you get to #16, the URLs start to go a little haywire. I don’t wanna fix ‘em anymore on all the old pages, but please use this handy guide to access ‘em all:

BLASTITUDE #16: http://www.blastitude.com/index16.htm
BLASTITUDE #17: http://www.blastitude.com/17/index17.htm
BLASTITUDE #18: http://www.blastitude.com/18/index18.htm
BLASTITUDE #19: http://www.blastitude.com/19/
BLASTITUDE #20: http://www.blastitude.com/20/20.htm
BLASTITUDE #21: http://www.blastitude.com/21/21.htm
BLASTITUDE #22: http://www.blastitude.com/22/22.htm
BLASTITUDE #23: http://www.blastitude.com/23/23.htm
BLASTITUDE #24: http://www.blastitude.com/24/24.htm
BLASTITUDE #25: http://www.blastitude.com/25/25.htm
bLASTITUDE #26: http://www.blastitude.com/26
BLASTITUDE #27: http://www.blastitude.com/27
BLASTITUDE #28: http://www.blastitude.com/28


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